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Recycling With ATHC

It's in the Bag is offered by the Adult Training and Habilitation Center in association with MN Waste Wise that allows us to collect shrink wrap and other materials from area businesses. The material is collected and bailed at our recycling facility then sold to a materials recovery facility.


  • Free to businesses and organizations that provide 200 pounds or more of material per pick-up.
  • Less than 200 pounds, pick-ups are only $6.00.
  • Material may also be dropped off for free at our Hutchinson or Winsted locations if you prefer.

The following Materials are Acceptable for Plastic Recycling. Plastic Containers must be triple rinsed and thoroughly dry.

  • Plastic Grocery Bags
  • Plastic Produce Bags and Bread Bags with all food residue removed
  • Plastic retail bags with strings ties and rigid handles
  • Plastic Newspaper wrappers
  • Plastic Dry Cleaning bags
  • Plastic Wrap from shipping boxes
  • Plastic Bags for Parts
  • Plastic Film and Stretch Wrap
  • Plastic Ziploc™ Bags
  • Plastic strapping
  • Plastic Bottles/Jugs/Containers

The Following Materials are not acceptable:

  • Softener Salt Bags
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Soil or Mulch Bags
  • Hoses
  • Plastic Gas Cans
  • Plastic Containers previously filled with caustic or flammable materials.

Recycling Creates Jobs

The Message in the Bottle and Away from Home Programs provide employment for about 20 individuals on a daily basis.

Current Message in the Bottle™ Partners include:

  1. Recycling Association of Minnesota
  2. Minnesota Beverage Association
  3. Midwest Coca-Cola Bottling Co.
  4. Viking Coca-Cola Bottling Company
  5. Bernick's Beverages and Vending Co.
  6. MN State Fair
  7. The Pepsi Bottling Group
  8. Waste Management
  9. Carver County Environmental Services
  10. American Chemistry Council
  11. The Coca-Cola Company
  12. PepsiCo
  13. American Beverage Association
  14. Minnesota Petroleum Association
  15. MN Beer Wholesalers Association
  16. Minnesota Grocers Association

Recycling Adds Jobs (Article)

A new program at Adult Training and Habilitation Center is cleaning up the environment, creating new jobs, and even making a little money. Read this article published in the Hutchinson Leader on February 8th of 2008.


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