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Welcome To The Adult Training And Habilitation Center
Winsted and West (Hutchinson)

The McLeod County Day Activity Center (our founding name) for persons with a developmental disability became a reality through the combined effort of many interested individuals and the local Association for Retarded Citizens (ARC).

In the fall of 1966, the McLeod County Day Activity Center opened its doors with an enrollment of thirteen persons and operated on a shoestring budget with Mrs. Grace Raiter of Glencoe as Director. The original facility was an old brick school house just outside Biscay.

This building required a great deal of remodeling to convert its condition to a facility for individuals with handicaps. The rebuilding of the school house was completed by volunteers. Parents provided the transportation, as well as leased a minibus for the program.

Early in 1968 the McLeod County ARC, under the presidency of Lucille Ulrich, Hutchinson, contacted Congressman Ancher Nelsen to ask his assistance in exploring the availability of federal funds to help operate a facility of this sort.

In May 1969, the program had an enrollment of fifty-four consumers with a satellite building plus the school building in Biscay. In the late 1970s, the location was reviewed by the Board of Directors and local social service agencies.

As the facility faced access needs for people with more physical disabilities this would require major remodeling, the Board of Directors decided to move the building to a new facility. Requests for proposals were sent to cities in the McLeod County community asking for assistance.

The city of Winsted responded to the request for proposals and passed a bond referendum to build a new 13,500 square foot accessible facility. The Winsted Public School donated 4.3 acres of land to build on.

In keeping with the mission of the Center, which is to provide training and habilitation, the corporate name was changed to the Adult Training and Habilitation Center, Inc. (ATHC) on May 21, 1987.

In January 2001, we opened our satellite facility in Hutchinson. (ATHC-West) This became reality due to the numerous requests by providers, consumers, guardians, case managers and the demand for increased services to far western McLeod County.The design behind this program was a "mirror" of our services already in Winsted, but also to serve people where they live.

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